When To Think About Replacing Your Locks

Our homes are our castles, they are where we live, where we sleep and where we store our most valuable possessions so it is vital they stay protected. It is imperative to keep your home security up to date so your castle stays safe, that’s where we come in. Updating and replacing your locks is simple and stress free and you get the peace of mind that your four walls can’t be breached, so be sure to know the signs of lock damage and know when you should consider lock replacement.

Lost Or Stolen Keys

If you lose your keys, don’t panic! A locksmith can get you back in in a jiffy, but to stay extra safe don’t just replace your keys. You might think your keys fell out of your pocket at the park or you left them behind at a café but you can’t be sure who might have picked them up, to be extra safe replace your locks and you can be sure to sleep soundly at night.

Are You Moving Home?

Getting the keys to your new abode is a thrilling yet stressful time, it’s easy to let small jobs slip under the net when you’re up-heaving your life! Unfortunately you can never know who else has a set of keys to your shiny new dwelling or how long your locks have gone without maintenance, so before you move in all your valuables and start your new life change your locks and make sure your home is secure.

Tenant Turnover

With house prices on the rise the home rental market is booming so landlords, you’re in luck, but just because your tenants returned your keys when they left doesn’t mean they don’t have more. Keys are dropped, lost and stolen all the time and when you’re not around you can never know, so keep your rental property protected when your rental home is between occupants.

Know The Signs Of Damage

Keep a look out for droopy, stiff or jolting handles on your door or visible scratch marks on the hook or bolt. If your locks and door handles are showing signs of damage get an expert to assess them to make sure they are still in optimal working order, of all the little jobs that need doing in the home your locks should be your number one priority!

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