3 Most Common Reasons to Require Lock Replacement

Locks in cars, homes or any other establishment are very important, as they are the first line of defence. However, there are times when you might require replacement of your locks. So, when should you replace your locks? Here are three very common reasons to carry out lock replacements.

Age of the Locks

As experts in lock replacements, we can help to advise you when a particular lock needs to be replaced. One of the common indicators to find out if your lock has reached the end of its life include checking the amount of wear and tear that it has been through. If you have a lock that has remained in your home for more than a few years, it is advisable that you go for a replacement.

Old locks always have the tendency to get rusted and tarnished, and this is better indicated by you feeling difficult to open or close the lock. If you continue using them, then you can eventually expect your lock to break at one point or another, leaving you stranded either inside or outside your house.

Lost Key

Since we’ve been dealing with replacing locks for a number of years, we believe that you should replace locks the moment you have lost your keys; even if you have additional keys with you, it is recommended that you replace them instantly. There is every possibility that someone might have gotten possession of your key and find an easy access to your home.


We have, for long, been regarded as an excellent lock replacement service provider, in and around the local area. This is mainly because of our ability to replace broken locks with sturdier and more professional locks. There are several options that thieves have when it comes to breaking your lock without any obvious indicators. Internal mechanical failure in the lock is not externally visible and could be one of the reasons that helped the break-in. It is, therefore, vital that you get your lock replaced immediately.

Getting your lock replaced is a very important part of keeping your house safe. If you have a faulty lock and are on the lookout for new ones, feel free to make use of our services, as we carry all the necessary equipment and tools to ensure quick and effective replacement of your window and door locks. Contact us today by either calling us direct or emailing us using our online contact form for more information