Summer Security Tips: How Vulnerable Is Your Home?

The summer months are typically a time to relax, but they are also the time of the year when burglars are often presented with an easy opportunity. While the winter months give intruders the sought after cover of darkness, the warmer weather brings with it a whole host of different risks, so you need be aware to ensure your home is always protected.

Our latest article here at Just Glazing runs through which areas to look out for, including your windows and doors, to guarantee a safer and more secure property.

Windows And Doors

About a quarter of the break-ins that take place in the warmer months are down to windows and doors not being closed or locked. Usually, the most vulnerable area of a property for an opportunist burglar to take advantage of will be round the back. If you choose to leave your windows open in the summer, then fitting restrictors to them can help give you peace of mind. As they prevent a window from fully opening they will consequently thwart any burglary attempt. If you plan to go and spend time in your garden make sure that you have locked all your doors first.

Visual Deterrents

Obvious visual deterrents that can help to keep your property safe include security lighting, or a burglar alarm that is in a prominent place and is very visible. CCTV cameras are another effective option.

A Gravel Drive

As burglars prefer to adopt a stealthy approach a gravel drive can act as a good deterrent. Similarly, any surface that makes it impossible to approach your property in a quiet way will make a burglar think again.

Fencing And Natural Barriers

Fencing can be an effective protective measure, as can more natural measures such as thistles or stinging nettles at the bottom of your garden.

Other Tips

Also, don’t tempt burglars by leaving anything valuable in a windowsill that is easily visible from the outside. The same applies to leaving a garage door open, or not shutting a shed when getting equipment to carry out gardening tasks. Never give the impression that your property is unoccupied.

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